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SAT Control d.o.o.

V proizvodnem in trgovskem podjetju SAT CONTROL, d.o.o. želimo zaposliti novega sodelavca (m/ž) za zasedbo delovnega mesta komercialist za nabavo in prodajo-administrator

Več o podjetju

SAT Control d.o.o.

Glavna dejavnost

Sat Control d.o.o. is a leading Slovenian manufacturer and supplier in the field of satellite and solar technologies, assembly of printed circuits, and the production of metal parts, motors with reducers, and positioning devices.

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Predstavitev podjetja

We have over ten years of experience in the field of satellite-reception technology. During this time we have manufactured more than 700,000 motors for the rotation of satellite dishes, including the electronic components required to direct the dishes at a selected satellite. New products, such as solar motors, small BLDC motors with reducers and printed circuits, are a natural development based on our previous successes.
Our experience in the field of planning, development, maintenance of products and customer support continues to grow. For all the products listed above we can produce the printed circuits and CNC-turned components, which we offer to our customers.

Currently, our products are exported to 60 countries. Development-oriented products under the SAT CONTROL trademark are the basis for our expansion into new markets.
Customer satisfaction is of key importance to us. We endeavour to develop partner relations with our customers in order to provide efficient solutions tailored to their requirements, and to exceed the expected results.
We have been striving to attain ever-better quality, and have begun to introduce the ISO9001 system. We are confident that we will continue to improve in the future.

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Storitve ali proizvodi

Our product range includes:

• SM3D12 satellite motors with the Sat Control trademark, SaTracer®, complete satellite systems and satellite system parts (dishes, LNBs, receivers, etc.).
• SunTracer® motors for the rotation of solar cells, panels, etc., tailored to meet the requirements of our customers.
• Assembly of printed circuits (SMT and THT) on an automated line, using either our own or customer’s materials.
• Micro BLDC motors with planet reducers.
• Motors for the rotation of traffic signs, with controls.
• Turned metal parts of any form (up to 45 mm in diameter) for industrial needs, manufactured on our own CNC turning lathe.
• Consultancy and the development of products made to order, e.g., turned components, printed circuits or complete devices, such as motors with reducers, positioning systems, etc., for our strategic customers.
• Supply of small-series products, reliable and accurate delivery.

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