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About us, the kindest job portal, is well acclaimed by you, who are looking for new staff, and, of course, by the job seekers and career-oriented people. We are pleased, that the every-day-growing number of site users is recognizing it's value (currently we have recorded 400.000 visits, which places our portal in the top of slovenian job sites). The site is extremely easy to use and posting job ad on takes only a minute or two.

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Quickly to the new employees with unlimited publishing job vacancies by economical price.

Package Silver Employer

SILVER EMPLOYER package is appropriate especially for smaller and medium companies, which do not have a constant needs for new employees.Example Silver Ad

SILVER EMPLOYER package enables you:

  • Unlimited job posting for one year. 
  • Silver job posts are always listed before Basic listings. 
  • You can enter as much text as you want in ads.

Package Silver Employer

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Package Gold Employer

GOLDEN EMPLOYER package is appropriate especially for large companies, which often search for new employees, especially those with specific skills which constantly lacks on the labor market and for companies who want to communicate to candidates as a successful business and an attractive employer.Example Golden Ad

GOLDEN EMPLOYER package enables you:

  • Unlimited job posting for one year.
  • Golden job posts are always listed before Basic.
  • Only these kind of posting can include your logo and pictures of job environment.
  • You can enter as much text as you want.
  • Your logo is also posted in section called “Golden employers” whole year, even when you are not posting any job.

Package Gold Employer

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Golden ad

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Before publishing your first employment ad call us on +386 1 8100 204 or +386 1 8100 208 or contact us via email and we will assist you and help create an attractive job ad.

You can be sure that you'll get the best response on your Golden ad which is available with an affordable price 100 € + VAT (if applicable).

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